Present to the industry -

AAE Adward 2019 

Now Open for Applications & Nominations !

Purposes and Significances of AAE Awards

  1. Promote and encourage Adult industry / enterprises at international to actively involve and participate in the industry, to promote sustainable development and to become more professional.

  2. To recognize enterprises which continuously seek breakthroughs, innovations and new ideas in the industry, cultivates talents and contributes to the community.

  3. To enhance the image and social status of the adult industry and recognize the outstanding enterprises and practitioners at international.

  4. To promote interactions and idea exchange; to speed up and enhance the overall industry development.



  1. Must be engaged in adult industry related business, ie. Adult Products Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Brand Owners, etc.
  2. Enterprises’ business or service should be provided in international level with export oriented.



  1. A company can select a service in its business to participate, for examples, Novelties, Lingerie, Love Products, Product line, or adult video, or
  2. The entire company business.

AWARD Categories & Application

Please refer to application form

How To Apply

  1. Fill in the application form (Page 4 - Appendix 1) and return to the organizer via email.
  2. The participation fee is USD2,300/application (for AAE2019 exhibitor); for non exhibitor participation fee is USD 2, 800 /application.
  3. AWARD CATEGORIES DETAILS FORM (Page 5-6 - Appendix 2):
    • Corporate introduction/ Concept presentation/ Description of related category/ Marketing Strategy
    • Additional materials (optional): Promotion reference, Videos, promotion materials, etc
    • Deadline of proposal submission: 31 July, 2019
  • Proposals will be reviewed and scored by judging panel.
  • Results will be announced 1-2 weeks before show begin.

AAE Awards aims to higher the bar of products quality, design & professionalism of the industry, and to appreciate the hard work brands and teams has been made.

Learn more adward details, please email us at [email protected]