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Since 2008, Vertical Expo Services Company Limited organized Asia Adult Expo (AAE) in Macau and Hong Kong. It has been supported and participated by the industry and has made the exhibition sustainable. Now the show has become hundred percent export-oriented trade platform and the Asia Pacific's only trade fair. Every year AAE attracted thousands of buyers to the scene to purchase products and find partners.

In order to further strengthen the industry information flow and the link between enterprises, in this November we have launched the AAE online magazine - an exclusive interview with well-known enterprises at China and abroad to share their business experience and market opportunities. Overseas buyers can also learn the status of domestic suppliers, so as to find the co-operative partner.

AAE Online Magazine is currently published bimonthly with cover story, boardroom connection, industry news and AAE 2017 Hong Kong show review. We hope that the industry can support to make AAE exhibition and online magazine continuing to build a platform for the industry and promote business cooperation.

Vertical Expo Services Co., Ltd

November, 2017

MAR 2019 Issue Vol.4 Issues on 20 Mar 2019
Cover Story 

Asia Fcous: Vending Machines Inflates Adult Retail Market Creating New Types of Customers Experiences

Product New 

Board Connection 


Industry News


First Sex Toy Insurance

July 2018 Issue Vol.3 Issues on 26 July 2018
Cover Story 

Get to know the success story of "LeFRIVOLE"

Product New 

Board Connection 




Industry News

January 2018 Issue Vol.2  Issues on 15 January 2018
Cover Story 

Interactive Sex Toy Combined with Social Apps: Miss VV's Mistery 

Board Connection 




Industry News

Product News

November Issue Vol.1 Issues on 11 November 2017
Cover Story 

Japanese Erotic Art Crash on Modern Sexuality: SHUNGA Intimate Brand  

Flashback to AAE  

Pavilion of Asia : Take a ride to the Asian professional  trade adult expo

Board Connection 



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